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Lootout offers an exciting and competitive multiplayer experience with its extraction and arena game modes. Character customization, weaponry and respawn mechanics add depth to the gameplay, ensuring an engaging and dynamic environment.

Prove your skills in the arena in this action-packed world!


PvEvP Mechanics in a High-Risk Environment: Extraction mode immerses players in a dangerous environment, where they must balance fighting each other and defending against other threats. The goal is to find and loot weapon parts, introducing an exciting element of risk and reward.
Fast-Paced Looting: mode is designed for short and very intense rounds! This fast-paced setting encourages quick decision-making and strategic planning, as players need to efficiently loot valuable weapon parts while dealing with player and environmental threats.
Unique Respawn System: Unlike many games, Lootout.io allows players to respawn during a round even if they are eliminated. This keeps the action constant and gives players a chance for redemption, adding an extra layer of strategy and unpredictability.


Stash Management: The Vault provides a dedicated space for players to manage and organize their acquired items. From rare weapons to survival gear, the "Vault" offers a comprehensive overview of a player's entire collection, making it easy to see what they own at a glance.
Gunsmithing: The Vault contains a robust armory feature, allowing players to modify and enhance weapons directly from the inventory. This allows customization of weapon parts and accessories, encouraging experimentation with different setups to find the perfect weapon configuration for any situation.

Story of Lootout

In a not-so-distant future ravaged by climate change, industrial pollution, and catastrophic nuclear war, the remnants of humanity struggle to survive in a world shrouded in toxic smog and littered with the rusted remains of a bygone age. Players step into the role of an intrepid gunsmith and aspiring arms dealer, navigating dangerous zones to salvage rusted weapon parts and precious metals to forge reliable firearms. Their goal is not only personal protection from enemy factions, but also to become a prominent arms dealer in this post-apocalyptic world, trading their expertly crafted weapons and accessories with other survivors. Amidst the desolate ruins of once-vibrant cities, players will encounter other survivors, form alliances and establish lucrative trade networks, while testing their skills, creativity and business acumen in the battle for survival and prosperity.


Player vs. Player Action: Take your own weapons to the ultimate test in a variety of ranked PvP-based gameplay experiences. From classics like Deathmatch, to Gunpoint, Battle Royale and more!
Quick Fun: Jump into the action for a short round of exciting, bite-sized gameplay that's easy to fit into a busy schedule.
Share & Play: simply copy and paste the URL and share it with your friends for a quick game!
Best in the World: compete in seasonal events and climb to the top of the leaderboard for ultimate prestige and rewards!

NFT Marketplace

Unique Trade Items: Players can trade everything from common to legendary weapons, weapon parts and accessories, to other survival essentials and military items. Each item represented as a non-fungible token (NFT) has a unique value and rarity, adding depth and complexity to the game's economy.
Secure and transparent transactions: Every transaction on the market is recorded on the blockchain, which ensures a high level of security, transparency and immutability. The use of blockchain technology prevents fraud, provides proof of ownership and allows players to track the history of each item, including previous owners and transaction prices.

Social hub

The Social Hub is a dynamic 3D space where players can meet and interact with others in real time. The Hub is designed with a variety of common areas, providing players with an immersive environment to socialize, discuss strategies, or simply hang out and make new friends. Players can participate in live chats, group chats, or even use emotes to express themselves. Additionally, there is a buddy system that helps players connect and follow fellow players they want to stay in touch with. The Social Hub is not only about social interaction, but also serves as access to other important game features. For example: a prominently displayed leaderboard shows the top players and their achievements.
WASD = movement
Shift = sprint
C = crouch switch
R = refill
F = inventory utilization
Q = explosive shell
E = tactical grenade
T = change of camera side 3rd person
1 = primary weapon
2 = secondary weapon
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