Madness Driver Vertigo City

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Madness Driver Vertigo City
Crazy drivers meet in a dizzying city with cool super sports racing cars. The city is full of super exciting activities and races. Fly through ramps and collect gems. Double the fun with theme park activities. Play in one or two player mode and challenge your friends in races or freeride activities. Customize your cars and create a unique design. Let the supercar simulator begin!

This great racing game Madness Driver Vertigo City offers you the opportunity to show your skills in a tournament against the CPU and against your friends. In split screen mode you can play against another player on the same keyboard, so get ready for many hours of fun. Conquer your fears and become the king or queen of the asphalt.
How to play?
Player 1:
Move: W, A, S, D or ARROW KEYS (1P mode)
Nitro: L-SHIFT
Restart: R
Looking back: T

Player 2:
Movement: ARROW KEYS
Nitro: R-SHIFT
Restart: O
Looking back: P
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