Mahjong at Home: Christmas Edition

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Mahjong at Home: Christmas Edition
Collect all the Christmas items in this daily game Mahjong at Home. Try to clear all the tiles by matching the same free Christmas tiles. A tile is free if it is not covered and has at least one free side. Whether you are an experienced Mahjong player or a beginner, this version is sure to bring you joy and fun!

How to play

The rules are simple. Your task is to remove all tiles from the board by finding pairs of identical images. As you go to higher levels, the game becomes more and more challenging. Are you ready to show off your hookup skills?

Tips and tricks

To succeed in this game, plan your moves carefully and try to predict the upcoming matches. Removing certain pairs too soon could block your future moves. Also, don't forget to use the hint button if you get stuck!


  • Festive Theme: Celebrate Christmas with beautiful holiday themed tile designs.
  • User-friendly interface: simple controls for seamless gameplay.
  • Different levels of difficulty: Different challenges allow players of all skill levels to enjoy themselves.
  • Hint System: Provides help when needed, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.
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