Make It Meme

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Make It Meme
Make It Meme is a funny game where you create and achieve memes with your friends or real players online. Simply create or join a lobby and wait for other players to join. Once the game starts, each player is given a random meme and must come up with a funny caption within the given time. Each player then has 15 seconds to rate these meme creations. Finally, the meme that gets the most points wins the round. You can choose between 3 game modes: Normal, Same Meme and Relaxed. Choose the mode you are best at and show everyone your funny side! Don't forget to download your favorite memes and share them with your friends!

What is Meme Buddy?

Meme Buddy is a button to show love to your favorite meme and become its Meme Buddy! When you click it, you'll get half the points of your friend's meme as a bonus.

What are the game modes in Make It Meme?

You can choose between 3 game modes: Normal, Same Meme and Relaxed.

Normal: Each player gets a random meme and has to come up with a text for it. Afterwards, players rate each other's memes and reward their Meme Buddy. Whoever collects the most points wins.
Memes themselves: Every round, all players get the same meme and have to come up with their own text for it. The rest is the same as in the "Normal" game mode.
Relaxed: there is no time limit during creation and you can change your meme. Memes are not judged, they are only enjoyed. No stress, maximum creative freedom.

How to play Make It Meme?

Left-click or tap with your finger to select the text field and type your titles. When it's your turn to vote, use the red button to vote yes, the blue button to vote no, or the "Meh" button to not vote.

Who created the Make It Meme?

Make It Meme was created by Prealpha.
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