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Mancala is a casual board game where strategic skill meets exciting competition. Unlock new plates and gems, challenge friends or global enthusiasts. Sharpen your skills against intelligent AI, climb the leaderboard and enjoy the thrill of catching stones in this classic game. Dive into the world of Mancala today, customize your gameplay, and become the ultimate champion in this amazing gem adventure!

Mancala rules may vary by region and player preference, but here are the basic rules:

Board and Preparation:

Mancala is played on a board with 12 small holes (six holes for each player) and two larger holes at the ends (banks or houses). Each of the six smaller holes players start with a certain number of stones, usually 3 or 4 each.


The goal of the game is to collect as many stones as possible in your bank.


Players alternate moves. A move begins when a player chooses one of his "houses" of stones and takes all the stones from that hole. Next, the player places one stone in each subsequent "house" in a clockwise direction, including his "bank" but not the opponent's "bank".
If the last stone ends up in his own "bank", the player has the right to an additional move. If it ends up in an empty "house" at the player's place, it ends its turn.

Collecting Stones:

If the last tile you moved ends up in your "house" that was empty before that move, then you take that tile and put all the tiles in the opposite "house" (opponent's tiles) into your "bank".

End of the Game:

The game usually ends when all the "houses" of one player are empty. Then the pebbles in the "bank" are counted. The player who has more stones in his "bank" wins.

These are the basic rules, but there are different variations Mancal with different rules about extra moves, tactics and ways to count points at the end of the game.
Use the left mouse button to move the pieces.
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