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Mekorama is a great 3D puzzle game where you team up with a cute robot friend to conquer many tricky levels! Use your clever thinking to solve the challenges and guide your little friend through the puzzles. Each puzzle is like a little 3D adventure, so you'll have to move the camera to discover the best path. Don't forget to grab all the stars in each puzzle to show you've mastered it! Plus, you can even create your own puzzles or try levels made by other puzzle masters. Let's see how bright your brain is!

The rules of the Mekorama game are as follows:

  • Goal: Mekorama's primary goal is to help the little robot reach the exit of each level. The exit is usually represented by a red circular platform.
  • Navigation: players can rotate the level by dragging the mouse across the screen to view it from different angles. This allows them to plan the path of the robot and navigate through the level.
  • Obstacles and challenges: levels are full of various obstacles, including blocks, ramps, moving platforms and more. Players must figure out how to manipulate these elements to create a safe path for the robot to follow.
  • Collector's cards: each level contains a hidden collectible card that players can choose as an optional challenge. Collecting these cards is not required to complete the level, but it adds an extra level of challenge and appeal to completion.
  • Level editor: Mekorama also includes a level editor that allows players to create their own custom levels and share them with others.
  • Free-to-play model: Mekorama is usually free to download and play
  • No time limit or lives: There is no time limit to complete the levels and players do not have a limited number of lives. This means players can take their time solving each puzzle without feeling pressured.

Who made the Mekoram game

Mekorama is a game developed by one man - Martin Magni, a Swedish programmer. The game was launched in 2016 and has since become extremely popular among puzzle game lovers, especially on mobile platforms. What is particularly significant about "Mekoram" is the fact that Martin Magni developed it independently, from start to finish. This includes all aspects of game creation, such as programming, level design, artwork and music. His ability to create such a complete and polished game experience on his own impressed many people in the game industry.

How to play Mekorama?

Use the mouse to move the camera and the robot. Drag to change the camera angle and click to move the robot!
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