Mess Up and Die

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Mess Up and Die
Sometimes there are no right or wrong answers: there's just the random absurdity that comes with internet culture at the edge of the 21st century. Mess Up and Die is a game that will test your reflexes, your ability to follow instructions and your nerves as you navigate through an endless pile of random questions and instructions that would drive any sane person crazy. You have to pay close attention to each word and quickly think about what it means. This game is obsessed with deception and as the name suggests 'Mess Up and Die'. There are no power-ups, no upgrades, you can't save your progress, and you have no extra lives. If you mess up, you die. Period, period. End.

So, much like in real life, the trick to this game is not to die. That's it. Read the instructions, interpret them as best you can and then answer them to the best of your ability. And remember, even after you die, the game will offer you a simple challenge in the afterlife just to return to the main screen again. That's tyrannical!
Use your mouse or finger to click or tap the screen when and as the game directs you. Pay close attention to the instructions and don't mess up or you'll die.
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