Met Rage

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Met Rage
Met Rage, a great multiplayer first-person shooter (first person shooter). This amazing action game has an open world and allows players to immerse themselves in the subway system and try to rack up kills. The underworld is a bit different, as it has a post-apocalyptic design - it looks like the end of the world.

Martian Games created the ultimate set of games - you really feel the urgency of the situation as you explore an abandoned subway in search of loot. Trains still occasionally rattle the tracks - watch out for them or you could end up crushed.

This video game has intense first-person shooter gameplay. This is the best aspect of the game - you have to have skill and excellent reflexes. Players must move quickly and use their weapons effectively to get as many kills as possible.

There is also the ultimate "capture the flag" game mode. In this Mad Max style world, your team must try to capture the flag in the subway and try to bring it back to your base. Each time you successfully do this, your team scores points. The winner is the team with the highest number of points after the time has expired.

It is possible to play games with your friends and work as a team to try to win the match. Alternatively, you may simply want to try to get as many kills as possible to create fun games. When choosing a player character, make sure you choose a decent amount of weapons to help you get more kills.

While playing, players can complete side missions and use countless fantastic weapons. Take up arms and control weapons like machine guns, pistols and even deadly rocket launchers. As you play, you'll become proficient with many different weapons - you'll become an elite subway assassin.

If you enjoy awesome multiplayer games, you'll love it Met Rage. This game really has a lot to offer. The game is fast and exciting. Furthermore, the game modes are interesting and allow for teamwork or solo skill. The game has a registered trademark, but can be played by anyone with a web browser.

What makes this game even more interesting is the ease of taking over the controls. The game uses standard WASD fps controls so skilled players can pick it up right away. Moreover, commands and keyboard shortcuts are easy to remember. If you like FPS games, the controls and gameplay will be excellent in Met Rage.

This game could be considered similar to Avalanche Studio's Mad Max - the gameplay and graphics use similar concepts. Alternatively, it also bears similarities to Tim Willits' ID Software games, such as Wolfenstein.
WASD/arrow keys = scroll
Shift = switching sprint
Mouse = aim/shoot
Mouse wheel/numpad = weapon cycle
G = Throw a grenade
P = Switch post-FX
~ = Menu
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