Mojo Melee

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My Melee
Planet Mojo is a gaming metaverse built on Polygon that contains a series of interconnected Web3 games. The platform's debut title, My Melee, allows players to test their strategy through automated battles. My Melee is now available in open beta for web browsers and Android.

My Melee, in short, is a free auto-chess battle where players compete against each other with a team Mojo i Champions. Mojos are 3D plant-based creatures, while Champions are warriors drawn from various clans to aid the Mojos in battle.

Each player must form a collection of Mojos, Champions and SpellStones. A team in Mojo Melee consists of 1 Mojo unit, 4 Champions units and 2 SpellStones. Non-NFT owners will receive a default unit set, consisting of Leaf Mojo, Brooka Clawhaven, Froda Swamhag, Sumatra Stronghorn, Dark Brightley, and 2 SpellStones (Meteorite and Flower Power).

Each round within a tournament includes a planning phase where players upgrade and deploy units. Once the battle phase begins, players just need to sit back and watch their teams battle it out.

My Melee has two game modes: Duel and Melee. Although the combat is identical in both modes, the number of players and the conditions for victory are different.
In duels, players will fight against a single opponent. The winner is the one who wins three rounds first. Players can upgrade their Mojos and Champions, and change their strategies on the fly.
In Melee mode, 8 players will compete in a 2 stage competition. Players will first compete in a group stage, with the top two players from each group advancing to the semi-finals, followed by the final round.
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