Mountain Car Racing by FreezeNova

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Mountain Car Racing by FreezeNova
Mountain Car Racing is a racing game set in the heart of the mountains. Enjoy the scenery as you navigate sharp turns and beautiful roads. First you have to choose your favorite sports car and then drive in the wild.

Drive at full speed and reach the finish line first. Your rivals will try to take your place, but this will not happen if you accelerate immediately.

Cars ready to join the race: Megan, Fury, Car 2 and Car 3. Each car has a different level: top speed, acceleration, steering and braking.

You can customize the race experience by choosing the following tracks: Autumn Day, Autumn Night, Winter Day and Winter Night.
Race types: Checkpoints, Elimination, Drift, SpeedTrap, TimeTrial, LapKnockout and Circuit.

You can also choose how many laps and AI racers there should be in the race.
AI Difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard.
WASD or arrow keys to drive, left shift to nitro, space bar to brake, Esc to pause
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