My Little Farmies

My Little Farmies
Get ready to build your own medieval village. In My Little Farmies you build fields, roads, mills and roads. You can breed animals and grow different types of crops. Make your village rich, prosperous and let it prosper! Experience everyday life in a medieval village as you tend to a rustic family farm run by the lovable Amos. Your tasks will include growing crops and feeding animals, serving customers and helping the many virtual friends you will make in this unusual and fun farm.

Fantastic farm game

My Little Farmies allows you to shape the idyllic life in your village, determine which crops to grow on your family farm, and which streets to build artisans and craftsmen. Individual products can be combined into countless production chains, making anything from delicious delicacies to homemade clothing. Improve your goods and sell them to earn money to maintain and expand your village.

Become an online farmer and play for free. This game, as well as other upjers games, are completely free. Experience this wonderful game, raise your village and lead it to success and wealth. The game is available directly on your brpwser without downloading or installing and is completely free, so it is not surprising that they have been inspiring millions of players around the world for years.

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