(Nugget Royale)

1 votes, average: 5,00 from 5 (Nugget Royale) is a competitive .io game where you play as a chicken and fight against other players. In true Battle Royale style, each match has only one winner. Will you be a nugget or will you triumph as the king of chickens?

Your mission is to move along with the other chicks on the unstable platform and avoid falling into the grinding machine below you. Death is quick, but not painless. The chick with the tenacity to stay on the platform the longest will manage to climb to the top of the leaderboard. There are no upgrades, no special rewards, no health aids in this game: there is only life and death. This is a game about balance, gravity, physics and the will to survive.

This is a multiplayer game, but it can also be played locally with up to 4 players on one computer.
W, A, S, D or the arrow keys allow you to maneuver the chicken in any direction you need. Try to stay balanced, don't fall off the edge and watch out for the pushers, there are a lot of pushers that will just throw you off the platform.
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