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In a multiplayer game 4 conquest of territory awaits you. You will once again compete with other players to dominate the map. To add a piece of land to your territory, you must surround it with a line of your color. On the minimap in the game 4 you will see the actions of your rivals.

What's new in the new version?
Paperio 4 is now more polished, and the leaderboard will now show the 10 winners from the last week.
A brand new unblocked skin screen is waiting for you, the selection of skins has changed ... While you play, you earn money, you buy skins with these coins. In the game you will realize how much fun it is.
There are 4 different servers: SLOW (slow and low risk of death), FFA CLASSIC (the most common way, no need to explain), FAST (keep your eyes on the screen, because you are ready to fly. If you are constant, you will get good points) i VERY FAST SERVER (real professionals can finish the game in less than a minute, if they don't die before that)
In the game, the score, the playing time and the number of opponents you killed are important. Your score will always be higher if you occupy as much space as possible and eliminate more opponents as soon as possible, and your name goes on the home page.

Unlike other multiplayer games, Paperio 4 does not include in-game chat, so young children playing the game cannot verbally tease or insult each other, as they can only see the other party's game. We have a team of moderators who constantly control the game. That team always controls the game. So there are no bad meaning player names in the game. The game is very simple and fun to play! The only goal of the game is to have fun while playing. In the upper right corner of the game area, you will see a list of players and their achievements in the game. In the upper left corner of the game area there is again a mini-map, on which you can see where the players are in the game and how much space you and the other players have.

When the game is over, the game results will be displayed on the screen. This is your score in the last game, your all-time high score, the time of the last game, and the number of other players you disabled from the game.
Use the arrow keys on the keyboard; W, A, S, D.
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