Plants vs Zombies (Biljke protiv zombija)

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Plants vs Zombies
As one of the most successful and popular games, Plants vs Zombies brings a breath of fresh air to the tower defense genre with its addictive gameplay and fun levels. Did you hear that noise outside the house? Zombies are coming through your garden and they don't look so eco-friendly! Grab a seed and a shovel and let the sun shine on your garden! Show the pesky undead what going green really means! Plants vs Zombies offers dozens of levels, each with a different challenge. Do you have the strategic gardening skills to stop the zombie waves?

Your goal is to protect your house from zombies by placing different plants in your garden. You can unlock a total of 12 different herbs, each with a unique function. Each plant costs a certain amount of sunlight to set up. When you first start out, your garden will only have one line of defense. However, your garden will expand after each level until it reaches the maximum grid size of 9x5. In addition, at the end of each successfully completed level, you will receive a new plant seed. Zombies are slow learners, but they will figure out how to adapt to your garden upgrade! With each new level, there will be new types of zombies among the intruders. Some levels take place during the day. In these levels you can collect falling sunlight for free and place a sunflower to speed up the collection of sunlight. At night, you must use nocturnal plants that do not need sunlight to thrive.

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Use the mouse to play the game Plants vs Zombies.
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