Pocket Battle Royale

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Pocket Battle Royale
Pocket Battle Royale simulates a fire battle in a closed room between many players. You will control your gunslinger to move and destroy enemies. Players will pick up weapons and move around to find and destroy every enemy in this game. If you are a fan of the famous game RocketBot Royale, you will love this game.

In this multiplayer game, all players perform a common task, which is to become the last person to survive the battle. You are the only survivor to leave that fight, which means you are the winner, the master of the round.

Tips and tricks
You should not stand still, because you will be very easily hit by enemy bullets. In addition, the dead zone can cause loss of life.
Open chests in the game to get better weapons.
If your HP bar is slowly running low and you are likely to lose, you can run away. When you arrive in a safe area, you will automatically be healed.
Build upgrades for your weapons to get the most devastating power possible.
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