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Polygonal is a word puzzle game where your task is to decipher the hidden word. At the beginning of the game, you will see a series of polygons whose number is equal to the length of the word. Similar polygons mean the same letters, so the same letters should be placed in places with the same polygons, and different letters in places with different ones. Follow the colored instructions to hit the daily range in six tries!

How to play Polygonle?

1. Enter any word of desired length using the keyboard. The number of polygons is equal to the number of letters in the hidden word.

2. Use the same letters for points with the same polygons, and different letters for different ones.

3. Pay attention to the shape, color and position of the polygon. For example, yellow and red triangles represent different letters.

4. After each guess, you will get color hints about the correct arrangement of the letters. Green means that the correct letter is in the correct place. Yellow means that the letter is correct, but should be placed in another place. Gray means that the letter does not appear anywhere in the word.

5. You have six tries to guess which shape represents which letter and win the daily Polygonle!

Polygonal is a puzzle for those who are tired of simple word games and want to diversify the game with something new. This is all about Polygonle, where your task is not only to find the right word, but also to move around the polygon icons and try to guess which polygon represents which letter. What's more, the word length in this game is unpredictable every day, so you'll be practicing different words every day, not just five or six letter lengths. Polygonle can also be interesting for children who will connect their language knowledge with types of polygons.
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