Powerslide Kart Simulator by FreezeNova

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Powerslide Kart Simulator by FreezeNova
Powerslide Kart Simulator is a 3D driving game where you can enjoy driving your mini-kart and competing with other go-kart drivers on curvy roads. Your goal here is to master the art of driving a go-kart or other wheeled vehicle and performing stunts using the ramps on the game's maps.

How to play Powerslide Kart Simulator

Enter the game, choose the game map where you want to drive your vehicle and finally choose one of the wheeled vehicles given to you and create yourself in the game area! A go-kart, a 3-wheeled car and a motorbike are at your disposal. We recommend that you try all three vehicles. The exhaust fumes while driving each vehicle provide an exciting gaming experience. After choosing your car, start getting the highest scores by drifting and jumping with your chosen vehicle!

There are 3 unique maps that you can choose from and you can have a different driving experience on each one.

If you want to compete with other vehicles and win points by drifting and jumping, the highway is the best option. On this map you can find areas with yellow arrows that give short-term speed.

The Stunt Area is an ideal place for performing various acrobatic movements and jumping in different ways. There are many ramps and jumping areas.

In the harbor you can find many ramps of different shapes. But unlike the Stunt Area, you can encounter many obstacles, such as ship cargo...! This is what makes this map unique.
Use WASD or arrow keys to control the vehicle.
Press Space to jump and drift.
Use the left Shift key to increase speed.
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