Prince of Persia 1

Prince of Persia 1
Feel nostalgic and enjoy the classic game Prince of Persia 1 in your browser. Set in ancient Persia, Grand Vizier Jaffar rules in tyranny. He wants to take over the throne by marrying the sultan's daughter. Now there are 60 minutes before the wedding. The lover of the princess will not stop ... Although he is trapped in a dungeon, he has the absolute will to free her. Avoid countless traps and defeat all the guards in a sword fight to reach a higher level and eventually face Jaffar. Hurry up before the time runs out!
Usual controls
Left and right arrows to move left and right
UP to jump
DOWN to squat
While running, hold the spacebar and press the up arrow to jump
Battle controls
Up to block attacks
DOWN to sheathe the sword
SHIFT to attack
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