Prison Escape: Idle Survival

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Prison Escape: Idle Survival
Experience the immersive RPG world of "Prison Escape: Idle Survival", overrun with mysterious undead monsters. As the protagonist, survive a prison full of zombies, escape and discover the truth about the apocalypse. Build structures, collect resources, fight enemies and unlock new abilities. Immerse yourself in a captivating story, completing missions to reveal the larger story. Navigate dangerous terrains, unlock rooms and progress towards freedom. With intuitive controls, engage in a seamless gaming experience. Embark on an exciting adventure, overcome challenges and discover the hero in you. Escape from prison, fight undead monsters and discover hidden secrets. Are you ready for this exciting journey?
You only control the movement. Your character automatically aims and fires. Shooting happens when you are not moving. Kill monsters to collect resources. Build your base, upgrade your character. When playing on the computer - use the keyboard and WASD keys for control. When playing from a mobile device - use a virtual joystick, just click on the screen and move your finger.
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