Pung.io – 2D Battle Royale

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Pung.io – 2D Battle Royale
Pung.io, a free io game, offers combat with punches. This game will make you fight with your fists. After each battle you can earn experience points or other in-game currency to improve your traits. These attributes can be tweaked and changed to create a character that suits your playstyle.

You can also buy new characters using gold. You, the player, can create unique characters that will stand out and dominate the competition. Io game is where you can control other characters from all over the world. You will not compete against NPCs but against real players. Split other players to win gold. You can play at any level or status you want. Have fun and get to the top of this table!
How to play
Keyboard to move and interact with different elements of the arena.
Mouse to target character.
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