Ragdoll Arena 2 Player

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Ragdoll Arena 2 Player
Ragdoll Arena 2 Player is an exciting and diverse compilation of 14 engaging games for 2 players that promise hours of fun and friendly competition. Whether you're looking for a solo challenge or want to face off with a friend, this collection offers a wide variety of gaming experiences to keep you entertained.

Each of the 14 games within Ragdoll Arena 2 Player brings its own unique twist and objective, ensuring that you will never be bored. From precision fruit slicing to conquering hammer challenges and even testing your dexterity in chicken catching adventures, there's something for everyone. The ultimate goal is to win three games before the opponent.

Ragdoll Arena 2 Player is more than just a collection of games; it is a fantastic choice for social gatherings and parties. It provides an excellent platform for friendly competition and shared enjoyment among friends and family. Whether you're challenging your sibling to a rooftop shooting match or testing your reflexes in various mini-games, the multiplayer aspect of this collection makes it the perfect choice for group fun.
Player 1: WASD = move, G = jump / shoot
Player 2: Arrows = move, P = jump / shoot
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