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The main goal of the game Raxx.io is to defeat your opponents with your bullets and kill as many as possible. Since this is a new io game, it contains only two main game modes including free for all i teams. So you can choose to play solo or cooperate with your teammates and try to win the victory.

Aim carefully and shoot accurately to eliminate the enemy.

It is also possible to customize your characters. Just head to the shop and buy different items like hats, wings and more.

There is a diverse arsenal of weapons ranging from rifles and pistols to specials such as water guns, grenade launchers, legendary swords and more.

Of course, each weapon costs a certain amount of coins and has different stats.

Stats include some notable weapon characteristics such as damage, range, ammo, stability, rate of fire, and movement speed. Try to earn as many gold coins as possible to get powerful weapons!
WASD to move.
Left click to shoot.
Right click to aim.
Jump space.
Enter to chat
Esc to access lobby.
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