12 votes, average: 4,75 from 5 is a fantastic role-playing game. Welcome to the kingdom where only the strong survive. A fantasy RPG where you'll compete against other players from around the world to outwit the vicious Goop monsters, level up your character, learn magic, acquire new super weapons, and then face off against other players.

You'll start with a cool customizable character that you can then take into the arena. Go on missions, side quests and interact with other players as much as you want. The secret to upgrading is defeating monsters and achieving glory. You'll start your journey as an ordinary everyday person, but you'll progress quickly and become stronger with each monster you defeat. On your travels, you can collect gold and valuable items that can be used to exchange for character power-ups. Keep defeating as many monsters as you can and get stronger and stronger until you become the most powerful being on earth. Collect weapons, outfits, and all kinds of other cool ways to customize your character as you work your way up the ranks. You will start as a humble child and slowly work your way to victory. Your name will become known and everyone will know who you are! Good luck!

Enjoy a new endless world full of fantasy. If you are a fan of games like World of Warcraft or Line Age, then you must join the mass madness called All players are friendly and help each other, mostly at lower levels. Find friends and have a shared experience. Kill monsters, collect items, find new locations that match your level. Watch out for death. Every time you die, you lose one level. Never fight alone against a stronger opponent. Collect XP, money, buy new equipment. Become the strongest player and your name will be on the leaderboard. Embark on a journey into the magical world of Relmz.
Use the mouse to guide the character through the game. You'll also use your mouse to interact with in-game menus and upgrade your characters' items, weapons, magic spells, and other cool, customizable stuff like costumes and capes. Face scary Goop monsters and avoid other players.
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