Retro Bowl

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Retro bowl
Retro = classic gameplay, old-fashioned graphics
Bowl = refers to the most venerable Super Bowl tournament in the American rugby world.

The main rule of the game Retro bowl it is also a typical American rugby rule. Two teams (11 players each) play against each other. The goal is to score more points than the opponent in the allotted time of the tournament.

To score a goal, a player must move the rugby ball down the opponent's field and bring the rugby ball into the end zone of the opponent's field to make a "touch". This can be achieved by throwing to a teammate or running with her.

Each team will have 4 chances to send the ball forward 10m. When you go 10m, you will have to drop the ball and start again for the next 10m. After 4 phases, if you cannot cover the distance of 10 m, the ball will be passed to the opposing team.
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