Rising Squares

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Rising Squares
Rising Squares introduces a stunning twist to the world of 2D side-scrolling adventure games. In this challenging and dynamic game, you take on the role of a protector, responsible for preserving the ever-moving circle. The key to success? Skillfully stack the squares below the circle to raise it and avoid the oncoming obstacles. Your trip to Rising Squares it requires not only precise matching, but also strategic thinking. With each click you raise the circle, ensuring its safety, but you must be careful in your approach. The game's obstacles require quick decision-making and precise timing to keep your lap unscathed.

To further improve your defensive abilities, Rising Squares offers boosts that give your circle the ability to fire projectiles, eliminating threats in its path. However, using these powers comes at a price. As you progress through its levels, you'll find yourself constantly pushing the limits to achieve higher scores and master the art of stacking, dodging and shooting.
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