Robostorm IO

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Robostorm IO
Tear your enemies to shreds in this fast-paced 3D mech shooter. To win, fight for control of various control points on the map. Collect the weapons that fall to you and shoot your enemies, watching as the various parts of the mech fall to pieces.

The most efficient way to play is to stay close to your teammates and attack only when the opportunity arises. Capture control points to dominate the map and upgrade your robot for ultimate power. The game is free to play on, so don't hesitate to check it out!
How to play
WASD scrolling
Aim with the cursor
Fire the left weapon with the left mouse button and the right with the right.
Hold spacebar to sprint.
Active shield with SHIFT key.
Press B when in the shop to upgrade your mech with XP earned from kills and capturing checkpoints.
Esc opens the menu.
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