Spider Solitaire Blue

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Spider Solitaire Blue
The player can choose the game that suits his level and try to solve each puzzle of the Spider Solitaire game as fast as possible. This game has an infinite undo function.

With Spider Solitaire you can test your attention and patience. Choose one of three levels to start the game. Your goal is to remove all cards from the game area. Cards are removed when you complete a set of 13 cards of the same suit in descending order. Spider Solitaire is played with 104 cards, which means you have to complete 8 sequences or builds. To move the cards, just drag and drop them on top of each other. You can also move several cards at once, but they must be ranked. It is possible to place cards of different colors on top of each other (ie you can place spades on hearts). But it can become more difficult to complete the crafting, so be careful. When you run out of moves, deal ten new cards. And if you realize you made a mistake, just go back a few steps using the "Undo" button.
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