Stick Defenders

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Stick Defenders
Stick Defenders is an action and merge game where you merge Stickman units into stronger ones, so they can protect your base from enemy stages. Match identical gunslingers, improve your attacking abilities, improve your walls and more. There are fun side activities like "spin the wheel" where you can get surprising items to help you get stronger and unlock new abilities. Be sure to use your skills against the incoming horde of enemies as soon as their cooldown expires, so they don't overwhelm you. How long can you hold the fort in the game Stick Defenders?

How to play Stick Defenders?

Use the left mouse button or your finger to select and drag units. Drag one unit and drop it on an identical one to merge them.

Who created Stick Defenders?

Stick Defenders he created TinyDobbins. Play their other casual games at Stick Merge, Merge Round Racers, Merge Gangster Cars, Merge Cyber ​​Racers and PartyToons.
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