Stickman Climb 2

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Stickman Climb 2
Stickman Climb 2 is a platform game where you have to balance using a pickaxe and reach the flag at the end of the level. There are dangerous traps and spikes on your way, so be careful and pay attention to the checkpoints. You can play Stickman Climb 2 alone or race against a local friend!

Overcoming many challenges

The game has a total of 32 levels with different challenges. Train your reflexes and jump to avoid obstacles. The levels will get harder and harder as you progress. Obstacles force you to have the right movement strategy. You will also improve your observation and thinking skills after playing this game.

game modes

You can play the game in 2 ways:
Single player mode: You control your character to overcome obstacles
2 Player Mode: You have to compete with another player

Simple interface, exciting visual and sound effects

Stickman Climb 2 offers a simple interface that makes it easy for anyone to get into the game. The graphics are visually pleasing, with well-designed characters and backgrounds that enhance the overall gaming experience. The sound effects are also fun, providing players with satisfying feedback as they progress through the game.

Stickman Climb 2 created by No Pressure Studios.

Stickman Climb 2 FAQ

1. Is Stickman Climb 2 suitable for all ages?
Yes, Stickman Climb 2 is suitable for players of all ages. The game is not too violent, which makes it a great choice for a younger audience.

2. Can I play Stickman Climb 2 offline?
Yes, Stickman Climb 2 can be played offline. However, some features like unlocking new skins and levels may require an internet connection.

3. How can I unlock new skins in Stickman Climb 2?
You can unlock new skins in Stickman Climb 2 by collecting coins during the game. When you have enough coins, go to the "Skins" section of the game and select the skin you want to unlock.

4. What happens if I hit an obstacle in Stickman Climb 2?
If you encounter an obstacle in the game Stickman Climb 2, the character will fall down the path and the level will start from the beginning. However, you can use your coins to buy power-ups that will help you avoid obstacles and progress through the game faster.

5. Is Stickman Climb 2 free to play?
Yes, Stickman Climb 2 is free to download and play. However, in-app purchases are available that allow you to purchase coins and power-ups to enhance your gaming experience.
How to play
Player 1: Use A/D keys to move. Use R to revive
Player 2: Use the right/left arrow keys to move. Use Enter to revive
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