Stickman Parkour 3

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Stickman Parkour 3
Stickman Parkour 3 is a fun action parkour game where you can play different levels of parkour and explore a story full of twists and turns to unlock the coveted Lucky Block and discover what's inside! Start a chain of adventure events where Stickmen wants to open the Lucky Block, but giants, falling swords, stake pits, many traps and enemies want to stop him. Visit funny, mysterious, snowy, watery and other biomes. There are many cool tricks and parkour stunts. Enjoy the jokes and wacky antics of Stickman and Noob.

Addictive gameplay: perform cool stunts, avoid traps, collect fruits, avoid dynamite, do stupid things and progress through the story!
Lots of funny, interesting and scary levels.
Multiplayer and standings with cups!
W = jump
A = shift to the left
D = move right
Left click = interaction with in-game buttons
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