Stunt Rider by FreezeNova

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Stunt Rider by FreezeNova
Stunt Rider is a driving game where your goal is to modify your car as you like and head for high ramps on various maps. Perform stunts, jumps and other acrobatic movements in the air and earn money. Many vehicles are available, such as Bentley and Porsche 911 GT. Unlock your favorite and enjoy one of the most exciting car games!

How to play Stunt Rider

Welcome to the stunt playground! Each map has many platforms, such as sky ramps, giant tunnels and moving mallets. To earn money and unlock the most amazing sports cars in the world, you have to act like a circus monkey with your car. Head towards the ramps at full speed and do somersaults in the air. We also recommend picking up any F points you see on the road. Each will bring you +250 points.

Barrel Rolls

Press the gas pedal and quickly move towards one of the ramps. When you take off, use the right or left arrow keys to make your vehicle make a full circle in that direction. It is called barrel rolls. This performance will give you a lot of points. After rolling, your car will crash into the ground from a height. It might have a few scratches, but that's ok!

Perform Backflips

As you do in barrel rolls, head towards the ramp at high speed. Use the down arrow key to flip the vehicle while in the air. Make sure your car has made a full circle. You can do a second backflip, if you are still far from the ground! It will be a very adrenaline-pumping experience.

Repairing your damaged car

Your car will be damaged while performing many stunts. It is inevitable. But don't worry. You have the possibility of a quick recovery. Just press the F button. Your vehicle will be fine!
WASD/Arrow keys: Move
Shift: Nitro
M: Rearview mirror
C: Change camera
R: Reset
F: Fix it
I: Start/stop the engine
Q: Full screen
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