Super Ninja Plumber

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Super Ninja Plumber
Super Ninja Plumber is a well designed Mario clone game. Find yourself in the mushroom kingdom and travel through 15 levels, with a boss fight at the end. The enchanting world of mushrooms needs your help, and to save it, you'll have to transform from a low-key plumber to an electrifying ninja. This dynamic, action-packed game features a terrifying boss at the end of each level. Stunning pixel art graphics are harmoniously complemented by a retro soundtrack that will make your adventure even more exciting.

How to play
Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to direct the ninja plumber and the space bar to jump or attack. Your task is to get through each level, overcoming obstacles and defeating enemies on your way. The ultimate challenge lies in conquering the boss. Winning earns you progress to the next levels, pushing you deeper into your incredible adventure.

Tips and tricks
The key to success lies in strategy, speed and agility. Use your ninja skills wisely, avoiding unnecessary conflicts or traps. Always aim for high scores by collecting as many points as possible in each level. Defeating the boss will require careful timing and calculated attacks.
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