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swingo is an arcade game that combines the platform and action genres into one fun package. You control a cute mobile character who can only move using a grappling hook. Fire the hook and pull in the direction you want to go! Your character will swing and bounce until you reach the fruit at the end of each level. Each successfully completed level gives you some points that add up to unlock new cool characters. First up is the frog, will you be able to unlock all the animals? You'll love exploring colorful and creative levels full of surprises in Swing!

How to play Swingo?

Use the grappling hook to move!

Aim and shoot - left click, drag and drop

Are there any new characters to unlock in Swing?

There are tons of unique Swingo characters in the game to unlock. All are designed after animals.

Who created Swingo?

Swingo was created by Blumgi, a game development studio based in France. Play their legendary games: Blumgi Rocket, Blumgi Ball, Blumgi Castle.
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