Table Tennis World Tour

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Table Tennis World Tour
Become a master and play like a champion in this challenging ping pong game with realistic physics! Choose from 20 countries and fight with 60 opponents from all over the world. The touch controls are easy to learn: simply move the table tennis ball and hit the ball in the direction you want. Try the spin game and power shots to throw your opponent out of range, but be careful not to do the same to you! Can you win all the trophies and win the World Tour?

Each game is played first to 11 points. Every serve, whether yours or your opponent's, is scored, so keep the pressure on your opponent. Try using different spins and short balls to catch your opponent on the wrong foot. The graphics are great, and the gameplay is fluid and realistic. Can you compete with opponents around the world and beat them in the world tour? Table Tennis World Tour is great sports game where you can test your table tennis skills against a range of AI opponents. You can choose which nation you play for and start competing in a global competition!

According to the old rules, the game was played until 21, and each player served 5 times in a row. Today, the rules have changed a little, so that the game is played up to 11 points, served twice in a row, so the game has become faster and more interesting. The difference must be two points, so 12:10, and so on until a two point difference is reached.

This game is developed by Happylander.
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