Tank Attack 5

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Tank Attack 5
Tank Attack 5 is an exciting World War II tank game. Your main goal is to prepare for the boss fight. Buy new tanks and upgrade them with coins and parts collected in battle. Don't forget to repaint your tank to match the terrain you'll be fighting on!

In mode "base defence" you have to build tactics and allocate resources wisely! Don't forget to upgrade your base, otherwise the enemy will defeat you easily! Align mortars around your base to further protect your base! Fill your garage with legendary Soviet and German military vehicles, such as: T- 34, KV-2, IS-7, Object 277, Panther, Tiger, Mouse and Leopard.

Key features:
Two modes: endless arcade battles and base defense.
Well developed physics.
A large selection of military equipment.
Exciting boss fights.
A large selection of camouflages and skins.
Many different locations.
AD - tank movement
WS - tank barrel movement
Spacebar - shooting.
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