Tap-Tap Shots by FreezeNova

Tap-Tap Shots by FreezeNova
How many baskets can you score within the limited time? Tap Tap Shots is an addictive sports game where you try to score as many baskets as possible before the time runs out. You have to hit the basket by setting the angle well. The ball must not go out of the basket. To move the ball, you need to click with the mouse. The more you click, the more the ball moves. But the point here is to put the ball in the basket, so good height adjustment is the primary task. If it goes too high, the ball may go out of the basket. Be careful not to miss any shots. Let's see how many baskets you can score in the limited time!

After you fire the first shot, the timer starts to run out. The bar you see at the top of the screen shows how much time you have left. You have to watch this place. You must make a successful guess before the time runs out.
To perform a dunk, all you have to do is use the mouse.
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