Territorial.io – The Art of Conquest

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Territorial.io – The Art of Conquest
Territorial.io is a strategy io game where players fight to expand their nations. Defend your territory, expand and conquer the map in games of up to 500 players.

Play on several maps from around the world, from Europe and Singapore to the whole world. Set the size of your army and play tactically to defend your territory as you fight for a new land. Make peace, send resources and cooperate with your neighbors to increase your strength.

Territorial.io it takes the typical "growth" mechanics that make IO games so addictive and introduces real strategy for a unique experience. You can play in singleplayer mode with bots and multiplayer mode with up to 500 active players in the game.

How to expand your territory in Territorial IO

The best way to expand your colony in Territorial IO is an attack on enemy territories and defense against their attacks. However, both of these tasks can be quite difficult if you are not aware of the game mechanics and how things work. Having said that, one of the most important aspects of the game is balance. Assaulting enemy territories requires balance, and the amount of units involved in the assault plays a large role in determining the outcome of the assault. You should keep in mind that using up your entire balance for a single attack is a huge waste and also leaves you vulnerable to enemy attacks. Due to this factor, we recommend that you use about 20% of your balance to carry out attacks. This will ensure that you have a significant amount of balance stored away for a random invasion.

Tips and tricks for Territorial IO

Be sure to master the single player mode before jumping into multiplayer. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with all the mechanics that the game has to offer.
Try the different types of cards that the game offers. However, make sure you only pick maps you're good at when playing multiplayer.
One of the best initial strategies is to choose a coastal area to start with. This allows you to use the ocean as a natural barrier against enemy invasions in the first few minutes.
Maintain diplomatic relations with your neighbors so they don't attack you. While raids and invasions are important, sometimes it can be even more important to keep the peace.
Following these tips and tricks will allow you to outplay your opponents as you continue to grow your colony in Territorial IO.

  • It combines smart strategy with addictive IO gameplay
  • Play online with up to 500 players
  • Play single player mode for practice
  • Available on all devices for free

David Tschacher developed it Territorial.io.
Use the left mouse button to play.
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