Thug Racer

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Thug Racer
Thug Racer is a game where you drive with your friend in an awesome sports car! You have to drive fast to reach your destination in time and avoid being captured by the police! Try to reach each checkpoint and keep up with the time, otherwise your race is over and you will be caught. Avoid collision with other cars and show your driving skills. This game is packed with action.

Briefly, Thug Racer combining elements of retro gameplay with innovative elements of modern game mechanics, this title offers endless hours of fun for fans of old arcade games and modern gamers alike. For those looking to fuel their need for speed while indulging in a nostalgic pixel art aesthetic, Thug Racer presents itself as a convincing choice in the domain of driving games.
Use mouse or keyboard to play. See the in-game instructions for more details.
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