13 votes, average: 4,85 from 5 is a multiplayer survival game where you craft, mine, build and explore an island trying to survive. Tribals combines familiar mechanics from games like Minecraft, Rust and ARK Survival into this free and easy survival game!

Choose to build your own base and go to the island alone or with friends! Create your own character and jump into the wild to see how long you can survive. Explore the island, but watch your hunger and thirst levels...! With tons of different items to collect and even more to craft, you'll never run out of things to do! See how long you and your friends can survive together or against each other. Tribals can be played both solo and with others, so jump in and figure out how you want to play! Can you conquer the island and become the best tribe?

Who created was created by ONRUSH Studio. Check out their other game on our portal:!

How do I progress on

You can gain experience by crafting items. Access the Crafting menu by pressing Tab.

Can you customize your character in

Yes you can! You can choose from many hair and beard styles. You can also change the size of each body part, change the color of your hair, beard and skin, as well as add some tattoos!

What kind of items can you find?

Scattered around the island are two types of items that you can pick up. This can either be the contents of a fallen player's sack full of random items or things that grow organically on the island. Run around the map and find edible leaves, corn, coconuts, bananas, berries and more! You can also hunt and skin any animal you come across.

What types of weapons are there?

There is a selection of melee weapons like an axe, pickaxe, torch, etc. Additionally, you can craft ranged weapons like a bow or pistol. Or you can just use your fists if you're feeling old fashioned.
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