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Varnament is a turn-based strategy designed together with the community to combine simplicity, depth and a high level of customization.

You can play as theocratic France during lunch and attack Berlin playing as communist Luxembourg by dinner time. Or create your own scenario involving an alternate history or something completely unrelated to the real world.

To influence and manipulate

Declare wars and sign peace treaties, make pacts and alliances
Guarantee the independence of your allies, force someone into vassalage, or simply insult your opponents (as seen on TV)
Get rich by trading with big figures in global politics or stifle your opponents with economic sanctions
Drag your allies into international conflicts: the more, the deadlier!

Crush and rule

Eradicate your enemies with a deadly array of military forces - from infantry to nuclear bombs
Rule the seven seas with cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers
Protect your land with fortresses and other defense infrastructure
Defy the laws of warfare by using chemical or nuclear weapons

Expand and prosper

Progress through the tech tree to discover a wide variety of buildings and structures
Choose from half a dozen political regimes and make political decisions that could change the course of history
Control each province of your country independently to ensure economic and scientific progress

Create, share and play your own worlds

Create your own scenarios in the included editor
Use the editor to create your own maps, as historically accurate (or not) as you like
Share them with other players if you want: the best community-created content even makes it into the official game
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