Winter Clash 3D

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Winter Clash 3D
Winter Clash 3D is a Christmas themed battle from the Clash 3D series. You are on the side of Santa Claus and fight against the evil elves. Freeway Interactive developed Winter Clash 3D. Welcome to the world of armed Santas who fight each other without any mercy!

This game has similarities with Farm Clash 3D i Subway Clash 3D, but this action game has a fun winter theme. Jingle Bells plays in the background and you can see the Christmas tree and presents. Keep moving and use different objects as cover to avoid getting shot.

Of all the Clash 3D online games, this one is great for winter and Christmas. Don't forget that you can upgrade your character to increase damage (weapon, accuracy and health), this will improve your chance of survival. Also, as you play, you can unlock golden weapon skins and different head costumes for your character.

Freeway Interactive develop the game Winter Clash 3D.
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WASD or arrow keys: movement
C: squat
Space bar: jump
Tab: table of results
Right mouse button: aim
Left mouse button: shoot
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