Barbie Fashion Hair Saloon

Barbie Fashion Hair Salon
Barbie needs a new haircut and came to your salon based on the good reviews she read. Are you ready to create the most perfect hairstyle for her? You'll have to use your imagination and do it yourself! With a comb you can change the direction of your hair, with scissors you can cut your hair to the desired length, and you can also shave your hair if you want or use a magic lotion to make it grow back very quickly. These tools will give you a lot of freedom and endless possibilities. Then you can also use a wide variety of hair dyes to change your hair color or create beautiful highlights. To change the texture of your hair, you can wash, dry, straighten or curl it. After the hairstyle is ready, you can dress it up and adjust its appearance. This is the perfect game for girls to enjoy for hours.
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