Geometry Dash

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Geometry Dash
Geometry Dash is a popular rhythm platform game developed by him Robert Topala and published Rob Top Games. The game was originally released in August 2013 for iOS and Android platforms and later became available on other platforms such as Windows, macOS and Linux. The game is known for its simple graphics, addictive rhythm and challenging gameplay.

Here are some details about the game "Geometry Dash"

  • control: The controls in the game are simple and include only one command - tap or click on the screen to make the icon jump. The player must jump precisely to avoid obstacles and reach the goal.
  • Challenges: The game is known for its difficulty and challenging gameplay. The obstacles in the levels are placed in a variety of ways, including sharp spikes, falling platforms, spinning wheels and other hazards that the player must overcome with precision and speed. Players will face a lot of trial and error as they try to master the difficult gameplay.
  • Different game modes: "Geometry Dash" offers several game modes, including the "Level editor" which allows players to create and share their own levels, and the way "Treasure hunt" which offers additional challenges and rewards for players.
  • Music: Music is a key part of the "Geometry Dash" experience. Each level has its own unique music that syncs with the gameplay, creating a rhythmic experience for the player.
  • Online Community: "Geometry Dash" has a large online community that allows players to share their creations, participate in competitions and interact with other players around the world.
  • Updates: The game is regularly updated with new content, such as new levels, icons, music and gameplay improvements, providing a fresh experience for returning players.

Geometry Dash Lite

Html5 version "Geometry Dash" games, known as "Geometry Dash Lite", contains a total of 21 levels of varying difficulty, including 18 basic levels and three advanced levels with secret prizes. However, players can construct their own versions and share them with other players online. Many players have created over 77 million versions as a result with different levels The game icon in Geometry Dash has seven different shapes, and the shape of the icon changes in each level.

How to play Geometry Dash Lite

There are two modes in Geometry Dash: practice i official. Way practice allows new players to test their talents and improve their abilities. IN official mode, players will compete in ranked matches. However, you must be extremely careful: if the player hits an obstacle in official mode, the level will restart from the beginning. As a result, before starting a level, players must practice very efficiently and skillfully. At the same time, you have to remember that in this game, time and rhythm are two variables that interact and change each other. This adds to the drama of the game.

Tips and tricks

The winner is the one who can perfectly match his movement with the pulse of the rhythm. You must keep your composure and steadfastness; It's a fun fact that if you don't worry too much, the game will be much easier to play. Over time, you will get used to the game and begin to understand how it works. Then you will be more adept at making small movements that will allow you to move forward.

Who created Geometry Dash?

Geometry Dash is a series of musical platform games created and developed by Swedish developer Robert Topala, also known as RobTop Games.

Can I play Geometry Dash online on PC?

Definitely yes, you can even play this game for free in your browser without downloading. Use the keyboard and mouse to control the square block, and if you want, you can turn on the full screen view of your computer.

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