Blockudoku – Block Sudoku Online

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Block Sudoku - Block Sudoku Online
Blockudo Online - welcome to an amazing block game where endless interesting puzzles await you. These tasks are a bit challenging, but not that complicated - even if you are not a professional player, you will easily learn to solve them.

A game Block Sudoku is inspired by an Android/iOS game called BlockDoku. Basically, you have a 9×9 playing field, just like the one in Sudoku. However, the field is empty by default. The game generates a random set of three tiles from a set of predefined shapes. The player must drag them and place them on the playing field. The goal is to form a vertical or horizontal line, fill a sudoku sub-square or make a combination of a line and a square. Filled lines/squares disappear. Blue is the color of the tiles. If some tiles cannot be placed on the field, their color becomes lighter. The game ends when there are no more places to place the remaining tiles.

As you drag a tile across the playing field, there is a hint where it will fall if dropped. The hint extends to fields that will be removed if the dropped tile will form a square, line or combination. If you make a mistake, you can undo / undo up to three moves.

The rules are simple, but the game is not easy at all. My advice would always be to clear a line or square if you have the chance. Don't wait for the perfect tile to make a combo. Keep the playground as clean as possible. Otherwise, you risk being surprised by tiles that cannot be installed. The game saves its state in the browser's local storage. This means that even if you close your browser and reopen it later, you should be able to pick up where you left off.
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