Belot – Bela Online

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Belot - Bela Online
You want to play Belu online, preferably free? Are you interested in the rules of the game? You are in the right place. We also offer the possibility of multiplayer gameplay. Bela is one of the most popular card games. Another name for the game is belot. Precisely because of its popularity, thousands of people search every day where to play bela online, preferably for free.

Supported by:
  • Multiplayer game in four
  • Play up to 501, 701 or 1001
  • The possibility of playing with bots if, for example, the fourth one is missing
  • Redesigned cards and classic "Hungarian cards"
  • Play on mobile, tablet or on the web!

You can learn here the rules of the game Bela. Kartanje Bela is the fundamental initiation ritual of northern Croatia. Forget about the white version on Playtoy and play the most popular card game without registration. Tportal is a thing of the past...
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