Pivo skidanje

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Beer removal
Something for adults too. An interesting and simple game in which at the beginning of the game you choose a nice girl who will be your assistant and distract you while you grab a beer. After a few beers she begins to take off her clothes. Each time the beer goes down faster. Try to strip this lady all the way. Mostly an interesting game of collecting beer and stripping hot women. All lovers of women and beer will have fun in this flash game. This is primarily a fun game for adults. Stripping games have always been attractive to men who never stop playing until they strip a girl.

Did you manage to get them all the way down?
It is quite complicated, but we have information that it is possible, although quite difficult and with a little luck everything is possible. Sometimes the system makes the random order of beer drops quite complex, so that it is literally impossible to catch two beers located at opposite ends of the screen. Therefore, sometimes, with several repetitions, it is necessary to catch when the order of dropping the beer will be somewhat ideal, so that all the falling bottles can be collected.

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Beer removal

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