– multiplayer block-based game

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Enjoy jumping from one side to the other with this amazing parkour and platform game combined with the most fun version of the famous game Minecraft! Are you ready to overcome whatever comes your way with the game

Observe your surroundings and move carefully by building all kinds of platforms from which you can jump from one side of the stage to the other leaving behind numerous opponents - there can only be one winner! Get to the checkpoints located on the yellow blocks and don't forget to earn enough money to buy upgrades such as speed boost, double jump or jump boost, which will allow you to go much further faster. Also choose one of the three game modes such as, DoodleCube, EvilTower to play and get ready for a great time.

Game modes a parkour game with a mission to successfully reach the end of the map
DoodleCube: a building game to create objects based on themes
EvilTower: a parkour game with a mission to get to the top. This game mode is inspired by Roblox's Tower of Hell.

  • is a multiplayer game with different modes to choose from.
  • Power-ups such as 5 blocks, double jumps, triple jumps, and jump boosts are available for purchase in the store.
  • There are tasks and leaderboards in each mode.

WASD to move
Shift or double tap W to run
C, Z, or Caps Lock to crouch
T or Enter to chat
B open a shop
/ to run the command

DoodleCube controls
Place blocks: right mouse button
Destroy placed blocks: left mouse button
Switch blocks: number keys or middle mouse button

/rtv - not a fan of this map? Vote to skip!
/players - view the current players in your lobby
/xp - See your level and XP
/played - See how much time you spent having fun
/nobuffs - Play through maps without any "buffs" to place on a separate leaderboard!
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