Braains IO

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Brains IO is a multiplayer IO game where players play as human survivors or as zombies. The aim of the game is to survive as long as possible as humans, or to infect other players and spread the infection as zombies.

When the player starts the game as a human character, he or she must find and fortify their shelter, collect resources, such as food and weapons, and find ways to defend against zombies. Meanwhile, players who start out as zombies must move through the city in search of new victims for the infection. When players die in the game, they become zombies and join their team.

The game is played in real time and is constantly updated with new challenges and changes to keep the game interesting. is a popular game to play with friends, but you can also play with players from around the world.

U, there are different ways players can defend themselves from zombie attacks. Here are some strategies that can be used:

  • Strengthen your shelter - by finding and strengthening your shelter, players can create a safe place for themselves and their allies. This can include creating barriers, traps and other obstacles for the zombies.
  • Find Weapons - Weapons like pistols, rifles and swords can help you defend against zombies. However, players will have to be careful, as weapons have a limited number of bullets and can wear out quickly.
  • Collect Resources - Collecting food and other resources like drinks and medical equipment can help you survive in These resources can help players restore their health and fight zombies.
  • Work together with other players - In, working together with other players can be key to survival. Working with other players allows you to avoid traps and fight zombies in a larger group.
  • Be careful - Players should always be careful because zombies can appear suddenly and attack them. Therefore, it is important that players are always ready to attack and plan their moves carefully to avoid surprise attacks.
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