Bubbles & Hungry Dragon

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Bubbles & Hungry Dragon
Embark on fantastic journeys to the medieval land of bubbles with Bubbles & Hungry Dragon! Team up with other players to feed your dragon and destroy the other team! Stay grounded as the bubbles approach the line, shoot the power-ups your enemies throw at you, and seek help from boosters to win!

You have no idea what a hungry dragon is capable of! You must have a dragon to protect your kingdom, but it's a lot of work to keep their bellies full. They feed only on balls of magical elements, and those balls don't just grow on trees. Someone has to go out on the battlefield and shoot the bubbles to feed the little monster. To do this, you have to shoot bubbles at groups of bubbles of the same color and make them fall! This might assuage the dragon's anger a bit. Successfully complete these feeding missions to earn gold, and you can unlock new dragons, bubble designs and tokens in the game store! There are both global and local traffic lights; win the games to take your name to the top of this fantasy world!

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