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Kahoot is an interactive learning platform used in schools, seminars and conferences. It is a fun and simple quiz-based game that allows users to create their own quizzes or join existing quizzes created by other users.

Users must first log in or create an account on the Kahoot platform and then can access the various quizzes they participate in by entering a unique PIN that is generated for each quiz. Quizzes consist of a series of questions that appear on the screen, and players answer the questions through their devices. After each question, players get points depending on the speed and accuracy of their answers.

Kahoot is very popular among teachers because it enables interactive learning and testing of knowledge through a fun game. The game also promotes cooperation and teamwork as players can participate in teams and compare their scores with other teams.

Create Kahoot / Play Kahoot

The web address (URL) for the Kahoot platform is https://kahoot.com/. This address takes you to the Kahoot home page where you can login or register, create a new Kahoot, or access existing quizzes.

https://kahoot.it/ is the URL where players can access the Kahoot quiz. After the quiz owner logs into the Kahoot platform and creates a quiz, they will receive a PIN code that they can share with players. Players can then open https://kahoot.it/ on their device, enter the PIN code and join the quiz.

There are three types of accounts on the Kahoot platform:

  • Free account allows you to create an unlimited number of Kahoot quizzes and participate in public quizzes. However, with a free account there are some limitations regarding functionality and use of some features.
  • Account for teachers offers additional features such as the ability to create private quizzes, access different learning topics and track student progress. The price of teacher accounts depends on the number of students and the subscription period.
  • Account for institutions it is intended for schools and other organizations that want to access all the features of the Kahoot platform and integrate them into their educational programs. The price of an account for institutions also depends on the number of users and the subscription period.

So, creating and participating in public quizzes on the Kahoot platform is free, but some features and functionality are only available with a paid account.

How to make a kahoot quiz

  • Register for a free account at Kahoot.com.
  • Click on "Create" in the upper right corner and select "Quiz".
  • Enter the title and description of the quiz and add images if you want.
  • Click on "Add question" to start adding questions. You can choose from multiple question types, including multiple choice, true/false, rank order, open-ended, and others.
  • Enter a question and possible answers. Choose the correct answer and set the time required to answer the question.
  • Add more questions by clicking "Add question" and repeat the process until you have created the entire quiz.
  • Once you've added all the questions, you can change the quiz settings, including setting the time for the entire quiz, adding images or videos, and setting background music.
  • Save your quiz and click "Play" to test your quiz. You can play it alone or with other participants.
  • When you're happy with your quiz, share it with others by inviting them to join the game on their devices or by giving them a game code.


Kahoot can be declared as an educational game, which combines fun and learning. Although Kahoot can be used as a game for fun, the primary purpose of the platform is educational, and it is used to test knowledge, test and track student progress in real time. Because of this, Kahoot has become a popular tool in education, but it can also be used in other situations such as business trainings, conferences and entertainment events. In short, Kahoot can be considered a game, but it also has a wider application in education and other areas.
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